"Ronnie Radke has called out Craig Mabbitt on Twitter, dropping a bombshell round of tweets bragging about Falling In Reverse ticket sales and bashing Escape The Fate as an “opening band.”  Read the tweets below


@caige it’s no joke, it’s true, out sold and played you in a week, I warned you dude

@caige I know your tired of opening for bands it’s cool don’t be mad at me it was your choice


So far Craig has not responded.  But Ronnie finished the conversation with a few more tweets


Block block block block and ummmm oh ya block

I speak my mind period"

Ronnie really is having fun with this ^_^

Jon Wade
7/17/2011 10:38:44 am

he not goin 2 say anything back he can talk shit when ronnie behind bars...but he wont now...he scared of whats coming...all of escape the fate is scared

7/18/2011 01:38:31 pm

fuck no hes too fukn scared all of them are they're just a bunch of dick holes ronnies the one who made etf "etf" now they can all go suck craigs dick and die of crabs or some shit

7/18/2011 11:09:41 pm

hello ronie your so awsome i lurve ur new music it catchy it just plain awsome and i still like etf

7/21/2011 04:09:37 pm

Dude your new song is awesome I love the stuff you did with escape the fate but seriously your song "The Drug In Me Is You" is always playing in my car and ipod it's awesome best of luck XD

7/22/2011 05:35:34 pm

craig doesn't think for himself that's why he can't reply. He's an airheaded, conceited douchebag and I know that from meeting him. I started off listening to ETF with Ronnie and decided to give Craig a try... Then I met the guy... Nothing special... he sucks and let's the producers do everything.. Ronnie you're amazing I love you and keep it up

7/31/2011 04:42:23 pm

Dude i so went looking for the FIR album on the 1st of june i feel so mad at my self
I have ben listening to old ETF sence last year it realy got me through hard times i hope FIR dose the same

8/20/2011 05:25:44 pm

hahahaha...just like Ronnie says in "Tragic Magic"...he's back...and craig carries a photo of Ronnie everytime he gets his hair cut. Lol. Craig sucks dick.

8/21/2011 10:41:21 am

A people i finaly found the FIR album Im so exited

12/26/2011 01:22:39 pm

Finding this off of curiousity of what has happened between them, honestly I can't pick a side. They're both acting childish and honestly its sick. Why can't they leave each other alone and focus on their bands. Ronnie uses his lyrics to insult them, while I see Escape the Fate being more successful in the long run due to them keeping their fight seperate from everything else. You go to a FIR concert and people trash Craig. You go to a ETF concert and people enjoy the music and being there. FIR fans are childish and feeding the fire, while ETF fans don't really give a shit yet somehow they get dragged into it. I like both bands, but they need to grow up.

12/28/2011 02:26:25 pm

I can't say I agree with most of this..
I've considered both sides, and, for me, Ronnie wins every time. Ronnie's a bit immature about it at times, with Twitter mostly, I've noticed. But when you consider the backstabbings, having Craig talk shit about him on stage while playing in his band and while he's in jail and unable to defend himself, then suddenly stopping once he does finally get back out? I'd be pretty pissed too, and when it comes to the album, it was Ronnie's way of venting and finally getting out his views, and it's gotten back positive results, really. There's nothing childish at all about that.
As for the fans, they all can all be annoying about the opposing band and I doubt anything can be done about it, I think they rant about each band simply to make themselves feel like a good fan.
I'll admit I've done a lot of arguing in favor of Falling In Reverse and Ronnie, but I guess it's just me defending my favourite band, and If certain fans can't just shut up and enjoy the music that they prefer, I can't really take them seriously.


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