So this is going to be the best Warped Tour yet
You can get tickets from here  
And you can check for dates right here:

Jun 16 Salt Lake City, UT

Jun 17 Denver, CO

Jun 20 Las Vegas, NV

Jun 21 Irvine, CA

Jun 22 Pomona, CA

Jun 23 San Francisco, CA

Jun 24 Ventura, CA

Jun 27 San Diego, CA

Jun 28 Scottsdale, AZ

Jun 29 Las Cruces, NM

Jun 30 San Antonio, TX

Jul 01 Houston, TX

Jul 03 Dallas, TX

Jul 05 St. Louis, MO

Jul 06 Detroit, MI

Jul 07 Chicago, IL

Jul 08 Minneapolis, MN

Jul 09 Kansas City, KS

Jul 10 Indianapolis, IN

Jul 11 Cleveland, OH

Jul 12 Pittsburgh, PA

Jul 15 Toronto, ON

Jul 17 Buffalo, NY

Jul 18 Scranton, PA

Jul 19 Boston, MA

Jul 20 Philadelphia, PA

Jul 21 Uniondale, NY

Jul 22 Hartford, CT

Jul 24 Washington, DC

Jul 25 Virginia Beach, VA

Jul 26 Atlanta, GA

Jul 27 Orlando, FL

Jul 28 Miami, FL

Jul 29 Tampa, FL

Jul 30 Charlotte, NC

Jul 31 Cincinnati, OH

Aug 01 Milwaukee, WI

Aug 04 Seattle, WA

Aug 05 Portland, OR

Morgan G
3/15/2012 03:57:52 am

it really irkz me that no bands ever hit arkansas -.- cant afford to drive all the way to tx. Have fun at warped tour though!

Brittany Bruce
3/21/2012 07:04:04 am

Please come to south texas like mcallen I would totally go!!!!!
For I love you guys and your fucking awesome music....!!!

3/27/2012 09:20:43 pm

Great info, thanks

Karli Allard
3/31/2012 05:00:01 pm

NO band ever comes to Tennessee!!!!!! EVER!!!!! -_- this is why i'm going on a road trip right after high school to see all the good bands as soon as i can!!!! see if theyll come back here he has lots of fans here and hes a big inspiration to my friend i starting ours <3

falling in reverse
5/7/2012 05:52:10 am

falling in reverse
5/7/2012 05:53:58 am

Why are you not coming to Tennessee?

Jessica Haley :3
5/15/2012 01:27:48 am

I can't wait to go to Warped :D <33
I love how BOTDF Is gonan be at the place that I'm going as well :DD <33 I've neevr been to Warped before, so this is gonna be freaking awesome <3

5/15/2012 01:30:29 am


Lennie Rose
5/17/2012 11:51:39 pm

you guys are the greatest!<3(; you've help me through so much :) I love the music and keep it coming! hurry and come out with a new album. Ronnie you have an amazing voice and you should try coming to lousiville, great place really <3

5/30/2012 12:00:42 am

nice post


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