A new blog section feature thing - Falling In Reverse Fansite!
I decided that I wanted more pictures of the band members on this site other than the one by their names in the Band Members section. So! I've started a new blog section to the layout so that I can add more photos.
I only made it a blog section because it means that comments can be posted and it's a bit simpler. It'll work pretty much the same way that the News section does. 
So, let's see how this works out. 
5/14/2012 22:01:48

I Really Like F.I.R And All (God Knows Why They're Not At All My Style Usually :O ~ Blasphemy I Know) But Does Anyone Know Whether They're Making A New Album And When It'll Be Released? D: Dying To Know :P Plus, What's With The Long Hair People?! :O

7/6/2012 08:57:09

It's the style and please don't capitalize ever letter in your sentence please ya... It's annoying

8/19/2012 19:26:21

The Style, Is What I Figured. And So What If I Capatalize Every Letter In My Sentence, If You Gotta Problem With It, Go Suck One

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