I would like to know if you had to choose, who's (or was) your favourite Falling In Reverse member?
Though it goes without saying that many replies are going to be Ronnie.
As much as I love Ronnie, when it comes to the rest of the band as a whole, I think I'd say Jacky.
I've noticed when many people refer to Falling In Reverse, they're only talking about Ronnie and what he's done and completely ignore the fact that Falling In Reverse is a band with five members.
It's always been a pet peeve of mine, how the singer, even though the leader for the band, is usually the one to get most of the attention from a band's fans.
So consider everyone else before you start shouting Ronnie Radke ^^

i liked nasty, but idk, getting kinda mad at him atm, now its jacki!

Thomas Whitlatch

I have to choose Ronnie simply because he continued on after all that bullshit that he went through. I sort of look up to him because he is highly original sounding, went through alot and still continues to write and sing. It is always nice to see someone that is true to who show they are. He doesnt conform to being some mainstream faggot. Bands like seether, Slipknot, avenged sevenfold they all ended up conforming. They use to be original but not anymore they are just conformist bitches sucking the dick of their record label. Ronnie however is one person that can be looked at as a hero of music. Sticking to what he excells in... origninality! I do like the other members and they help make the band for sure! Its just I remember Ronnie from escape the fate, bunch of fucking faggots now. They didnt want to wait for him and now look, no one likes them lol They want Ronnie!

Abigail Elliott

I would have to say Ronnie.....I absoulutely adore him. Hes so handsome and is an incredable singer. If i could ask for anything it would be to meet him. Ive listened to the drug in me is you at least 100 times todsy and i heard it for the first time today. Ronnie I cant say im your biggest fan but i think im pretty close :)

Thomas Fox

I'll say Mika. He is an amazing bassist and maybe one of the best in this generation. The next FIR album should show a bit more of the band and not just Ronnie. I'm a fan of Ronnie and, but I disliked that the album was all about him. The music on half of the songs sounded like they were only there for Ronnie to sing to when they should have shown what each member is capable of.


If not Ronnie, i'd say Jacky too.


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So I get why it is your pet peeve, but I have had a question for a while did Ronnie recruit them or did they recruit Ronnie? Not with any disrespect, but people will mainly always put Ronnie in front. He has had a built fan base since before and that isn't going to change. Also, Ronnie is also a true inspiration, he is like Em...


I like all of them. I mean I love the band so I love each member for diffrent reasons. But my favorite band member is Ronnie. I have my reasons and I think that they are good. It's easy for me to relate to some of his problems. I've gone through some of them; so when I hear him sing about them, I think to myself 'Hey! I'm not the only one whose been through these things'. Ronnie is also my favorite member because he sings about real things. Things that matter to people, not superfical things. I'm not just saying that the only reason I listen to Falling In Reverse is because of Ronnie, it's really not. I love the kind of music that they play. And if not for Ronnie I would not know of this band. The band and Ronnie inspire me to be who I am. So, yeah, Ronnie's my favorite but only because I can relate to him and he introduced me to the greatest band alive.


Okay. I love every member of Falling In Reverse. But I've ALWAYS loved Ronnie. Like of course he's going to get lots of attention he's the singer for gods sakes. But even when he was in ETF I loved Ronnie. And I dont listen to ETF anymore because its not the same. I tried. Believe me. But Ronnie is just....well.....Ronnie. His music has helped a lot of people through a lot of shit. Including me. He has a special connection with people and thats what makes him special. Hes not a perfect angel but hey...who is? So yeah Ronnie should get a lot of credit because look at what the guy has gone through in the past few years. But I do love every member of Falling In Reverse. And Im glad they're doing well. (:


i reakon that Ryan is the best he if i had to put in order it would go Ryan, Ronnie, then Jacky


Ronnie !!!!


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