"It's time to suit up and head back into the classroom, kids! To ease the pain of your transition from sitting by the pool to sitting in algebra, Falling in Reverse's drummer Ryan Seaman has answered some of our burning back to school questions. Find out what nutritious lunch he ate everyday, how his colorful locks caused quite a stir in the school hallways. PLUS he gave us a legit yearbook photo. Now how cute is that bowtie?"

What were your extracurricular activities?

I was in the before school Jazz band, as well as pep band and symphonic band. I also got voted most talented, but I played bass in the high school jazz band. Weird?  

What was your high school's mascot?

The Park City Miners! (In Park City UT) 

 Did you ever write down a REALLY ridiculous answer on a test?

For an essay question, I wrote-  "I give up", lost 20 points on a test!  

If you could have gone to any fictional high school, which one would it have been?

Our fans are probably too young to know this, but Bayside High!!! GOOOO BAYSIDE!

Favorite place to hang or hide at your school?

The band room, I'd go rehearse MXPX songs in the "drum room" during my open periods, hahaha. 

What did you usually eat for lunch?

Usually I packed a veggie sandwich, some apples, and coke :)

Were you ever bullied?  If so, how did you deal with it?

I wouldn't say bullied, I'd say picked on...people at my school were exactly like the Jersey Shore, no joke. So imagine the lone ranger (me) in a situation like that. Most of my friends I met by going to shows as a teenager in Salt Lake City. 

What song, band or album do you most identify with your high school experience?

MXPX-Life In General  

What was the most trouble you ever got in, and what was it for?

I got in trouble a lot actually for some really dumb shit, but the most memorable one was for when I put some red streaks in my hair for a movie I was in when I was 17 (no, i'm not kidding), I was suspended for 3 days, the school board didn't believe me or my family til the movie came out. Then it got removed from my "permanent record" oh no!!!

Which high school from a music video would you want to go to?

Hahaha shit I don't know. Van Halen "Hot For Teacher" ????

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