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"It's time to suit up and head back into the classroom, kids! To ease the pain of your transition from sitting by the pool to sitting in algebra, Falling in Reverse's drummer Ryan Seaman has answered some of our burning back to school questions. Find out what nutritious lunch he ate everyday, how his colorful locks caused quite a stir in the school hallways. PLUS he gave us a legit yearbook photo. Now how cute is that bowtie?"

What were your extracurricular activities?

I was in the before school Jazz band, as well as pep band and symphonic band. I also got voted most talented, but I played bass in the high school jazz band. Weird?  

What was your high school's mascot?

The Park City Miners! (In Park City UT) 

 Did you ever write down a REALLY ridiculous answer on a test?

For an essay question, I wrote-  "I give up", lost 20 points on a test!  

If you could have gone to any fictional high school, which one would it have been?

Our fans are probably too young to know this, but Bayside High!!! GOOOO BAYSIDE!

Favorite place to hang or hide at your school?

The band room, I'd go rehearse MXPX songs in the "drum room" during my open periods, hahaha. 

What did you usually eat for lunch?

Usually I packed a veggie sandwich, some apples, and coke :)

Were you ever bullied?  If so, how did you deal with it?

I wouldn't say bullied, I'd say picked on...people at my school were exactly like the Jersey Shore, no joke. So imagine the lone ranger (me) in a situation like that. Most of my friends I met by going to shows as a teenager in Salt Lake City. 

What song, band or album do you most identify with your high school experience?

MXPX-Life In General  

What was the most trouble you ever got in, and what was it for?

I got in trouble a lot actually for some really dumb shit, but the most memorable one was for when I put some red streaks in my hair for a movie I was in when I was 17 (no, i'm not kidding), I was suspended for 3 days, the school board didn't believe me or my family til the movie came out. Then it got removed from my "permanent record" oh no!!!

Which high school from a music video would you want to go to?

Hahaha shit I don't know. Van Halen "Hot For Teacher" ????

First Warped tour, now Falling in Reverse has announced that they will be going on tour with Eyes Set To Kill and For All Those Sleeping!

Sept18 | Albuquerque, NM | Launchpad

Sept20 | Oklahoma City, OK | The Performance Lab

Sept21 | Tulsa, OK | The Marquee Theatre

Sept23 | Austin, TX | Emo's

Sept24 | Dallas, TX | The Door | Firefest 4

Sept25 | Tucson, AZ | Kino Veteran's Memorial | KFMA Fall Ball 2011

Sept27 | New Orleans, LA | House of Blues

Sept28 | Memphis, TN | Hi Tone Cafe

Sept30 | Greensboro, NC | Greene Street Club

Oct01 | Allentown, PA | Crocodile Rock

Oct02 | Clifton Park, NY | Northern Lights

Oct04 | Buffalo, NY | Xtreme Wheels

Oct05 | Pittsburgh, PA | Mr Small's

Oct07 | Grand Rapids, MI | The Intersection

Oct08 | Des Moines, IA | The Vaudeville Mews

Oct10 | Kansas City, MO | Beaumont Club

Oct11 | Colorado Springs, CO | Black Sheep

This Monday, 08-08-2011, Falling In Reverse played their first show at Chain Reaction, Anaheim! Check out the photos taken here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlyhoskins/sets/72157627391761342/with/6024694961/
And a video of it can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhi236XydFc&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

"""Ronnie Radke and Get Scared are at war after an incident involving Get Scared lead singer Nick Matthews

It all started when Nick Matthews tweeted “Yeah…Goodbye” with the following image ( http://yfrog.com/gyc1sruj )
Craig Mabbitt from Escape The Fate immediately responded to Nick Matthew’s tweet, begging fans to show their support

Craig Mabbitt then called an ambulance, which may have wound up saving Nick Matthews life.

As all of this was going on, Ronnie Radke tweeted Nick Matthew’s girlfriend Jamie to “Get Scared”

This sent fans on both sides into an uproar, leading many to question why Ronnie Radke would joke about suicide.

Others came to Ronnie’s defense, arguing that Nick Matthews was irresponsible for tweeting about suicide to his largely underage fanbase.

Ronnie Radke appeared surprised however by the negative response to his joke, tweeting the following

Holy shit what the fuck did I say?

Oh my god I’m sooo scared! Don’t say that! where did the fuckin rock go? Live a little and not be Soo serious

@LelaTheLegend:Here’s a word of advice: talk shit when you and your ‘band’ out sell etf and get scared.already happened bitch stfu

It’s ok to joke about Amy Winehouse for overdosing but can’t joke about a dude that tweets pills to kids?  Fuck you

Johny from Get Scared called out Ronnie Radke on Twitter later that night, saying

@REDRUMRONNIE stop attacking my best friend and I wont have to do anything to your face! Seriously dude WTF? Go cause drama elsewhere

Ronnie Radke quickly replied with

fuck you and your bitch ass singer you won’t do shit to my face

The night did however end on a somewhat happy note, as Craig Mabbitt tweeted 

All JOKES aside nick is ok and in the hospital now thank you guys so much, and word of advice? Never hurt yourself! We are ALL special.

Nick Matthews appears to be doing OK and is currently in the hospital"""
Source: (http://bryanstars.com/post/8610626264/ronnie-radke-and-get-scared-are-at-war-after-an)

The whole thing is already typed out by Bryan Stars, what do you guys think?