Due to my internet being down for a couple of days, I wasn't able to announce Falling In Reverse's album The Drug In Me Is You officially being released on Tuesday, July 26th.
If you haven't already bought it off of itunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-drug-in-me-is-you/id447274566) or preordered it, (http://kingsroadmerch.com/falling-in-reverse/view/?id=2423&cid=939) you can now get it at Best Buy or Target for just $7.99! And, if you get the CD at Hot Topic, you can get a free bandanna as well
On July 26, Falling In Reverse (aka Ronnie Radke’s new band) released their long-awaited Epitaph debut, The Drug In Me Is You. In just a few short weeks—the August 10 stop of the Warped Tour in Carson, California, to be specific—the quintet will make their first-ever live appearance. The band’s lineup features several musicians with extensive résumés: Rhythm guitarist Derek Jones was in the Colorado metalcore band A Smile From The Trenches; bassist Mika Horiuchi played in Cellador, an Omaha-based outfit who released music on Metal Blade; and drummer Ryan Seaman has played with the Bigger Lights, Aiden and I Am Ghost. Perhaps the most unfamiliar member of Falling In Reverse at the moment is guitarist Jacky Vincent (picitured far left). A native of London, England, the 22-year-old can be considered a music lifer. “I [was] always, like, fascinated with guitars and stuff ever since I could walk,” he says. “When I was a little kid, [my dad] gave me the first Guns ’N Roses album [Appetite For Destruction]. I was, like, six or something. That got me into rock music—and then that was it after that.” When drum lessons didn’t take (“I wanted to be a drummer, but it was hard and I couldn’t do it,” he recalls), Vincent switched to guitar. The move was wise: He’s on his way to full-on guitar-god status. Check out his shredding on the FIR songs “Raised By Wolves” and “Good Girls Bad Guys”—or ask Radke for his opinion on his bandmate. “When [fans] hear his solos, they’ll finally see,” the frontman says. “He’s really a genius when it comes to that stuff.” So how did Vincent get on FIR’s radar? The internet, of course. In 2009, while Radke was still in prison, music on Vincent’s Myspace profile caught the ear of former Falling In Reverse bassist Nason Schoeffler. The two exchanged messages, the guitarist uploaded YouTube footage of himself jamming—and the rest, as they say, is history. According to Vincent, he’s always been looking for a musical foil like Radke. “I was in a band at the time, but I was trying to form my own band,” he says. “I was a fan of Ronnie’s old album [Dying Is Your Latest Fashion]; I wanted a ‘Ronnie’ for the band I wanted to start. It’s funny, because how it worked out was I ended up in the band with the real deal.” The guitarist was in the studio with Radke and producer Elvis Baskette when they recorded The Drug In Me Is You. And while much of the music was already written,  he had a hand in shaping the album’s metallic edges. “I spent a lot of time crafting the solos and trying to make them as cool as I can,” he says. “Elvis is amazing and talented. [He] loves all the ‘80s hair bands, so [we] got along really good. We had a lot of stuff [written] already, but some of the [music] we were writing in [the studio], and Elvis was telling me he wanted crazy guitar stuff. So I got as crazy as I could.  It was really fun.” Vincent has also been able to observe Radke’s post-incarceration evolution up close. The difference between his demeanor at the start of the year and the way he is now is like night and day. “When he came out [of prison], he had to get used to being around people and stuff,” Vincent says. “But now he’s like Mr. Talk To Everyone.  We’ll be walking down the street, and he’ll be making friends. He’s definitely come out of his shell since he got out of prison. He even said to me the other day, ‘You know, I feel like I’m really getting back to being myself again.’ And I think that’s really cool.”
I would like to know if you had to choose, who's (or was) your favourite Falling In Reverse member?
Though it goes without saying that many replies are going to be Ronnie.
As much as I love Ronnie, when it comes to the rest of the band as a whole, I think I'd say Jacky.
I've noticed when many people refer to Falling In Reverse, they're only talking about Ronnie and what he's done and completely ignore the fact that Falling In Reverse is a band with five members.
It's always been a pet peeve of mine, how the singer, even though the leader for the band, is usually the one to get most of the attention from a band's fans.
So consider everyone else before you start shouting Ronnie Radke ^^
Nasty had a 'Tell-All' interview with AP magazine bashing Ronnie, but according to a comment Ronnie made on his status, it won't be posted anymore.
Of course Nasty can't get away with this kind of thing.
"Ronnie Radke has called out Craig Mabbitt on Twitter, dropping a bombshell round of tweets bragging about Falling In Reverse ticket sales and bashing Escape The Fate as an “opening band.”  Read the tweets below


@caige it’s no joke, it’s true, out sold and played you in a week, I warned you dude

@caige I know your tired of opening for bands it’s cool don’t be mad at me it was your choice


So far Craig has not responded.  But Ronnie finished the conversation with a few more tweets


Block block block block and ummmm oh ya block

I speak my mind period"

Ronnie really is having fun with this ^_^

Ronnie Radke discusses inspirations behind Falling In Reverse’s “The Drug In Me Is You”

AP had the chance to check in with Ronnie Radke a few weeks ago, as he was preparing for the release of Falling In Reverse’s debut album, The Drug In Me Is You. The album is out July 26 via Epitaph Records, but Radke gave us some exclusive details about the release below. Stay tuned to Altpress.com next week to find out where you can find more of AP’s interview with Radke.

One of the songs from the album that stood out to me was “The Westerner.” The lyrics were so personal. It seems like they could be directed either at Escape The Fate or maybe your problems with drugs. The metaphors could go either way.

I would say it’s directed at both things. The first verse starts out [talking] about [the problems of] my younger years, and then the second verse is about me being incarcerated. The third verse is totally arrogant, [it’s something] like rappers do mostly. A lot of rock musicians don’t really do those kind of lyrics, what I did in the third verse.”

You see that in hip-hop lyrics.

I’ve thought about doing that for so long. Eminem is one of my biggest influences. A lot of people really don’t know that, but if you listen to the lyrics, then you will understand. You’ll be like, “Oh, okay; now I get it.”

Which era of Eminem is your favorite?

Everything except Relapse. I like his new record; it’s probably my favorite. [I also like] The Eminem Show, The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP.

He is someone who has been knocked down and knocked down, and he’s gotten back up again. Time and time again. And he’s triumphed.


I can totally see how you would relate to that. What a long genesis this album has been, for you to be able to hear these songs fully fleshed out and singing them. Listening to the album, it doesn’t seem like a “jailhouse record.”

Yeah. A lot of people are going to expect me to be singing about prison in every song. But I don’t—there were a couple songs that didn’t make the record that were about it.

Did they not fit with the theme?

There were just better songs.

What have the people who have heard the record said to you about it?

A friend of mine, he’s, like, a metal dude—he just likes metal. He’s not really into that kind of music. He looked at me straight in my eyes [and] he was like, “You’re coming out swinging. Over the last 5 years, this is one of the best things I’ve heard.” Coming from him, [it] was like, “Wow, dude.” Even my dad—my dad was being straight truthful with me: “Your voice got better, your screaming got better, [you have] better song structures. Everything’s better.”

That must mean a lot, coming from him.

He doesn’t really talk about that stuff to me.

Falling In Reverse's Album was leaked from unknown sources!
Here are all of the songs of the album, not including The Drug In Me Is You and Raised By Wolves:

The most anticipated new band on the scene, Falling In Reverse, featuring charismatic vocalist Ronnie Radke, is set to return with the exhilarating new album The Drug In Me Is You out July 26th via Epitaph Records. The band is sorry to report that due to a delay in obtaining a visa for guitarist Jacky Vincent, they are forced to postpone all live performances until they join with The Warped tour on August 10th

The band plans on making up these dates at a later time.  All tickets can be refunded at point of purchase.

On Warped Tour:

Wednesday August 10, 2011 in Carson at Home Depot Center

Thursday August 11, 2011 in Marysville at Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Friday August 12, 2011 in Nampa at Idaho CenterAmphitheatre

Saturday August 13, 2011 in George at The Gorge Amphtheatre

Sunday August 14, 2011 in Hillsboro at Washington County Fairgrounds

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I'll re-upload the last few posts that I made, but I can't put back up every post from February, 2010..
So, all I can do is apologize for my mistake, and set up a new "News" tab.
It can be kind of like a new start for it, since Falling In Reverses new album came out, kind of... ^^"