During the adding of lyrics onto the new "Song Lyrics" tab, I seem to have accidentally deleted the news blog....... So, basically, I have to start over.
I'll re-upload the last few posts that I made, but I can't put back up every post from February, 2010..
So, all I can do is apologize for my mistake, and set up a new "News" tab.
It can be kind of like a new start for it, since Falling In Reverses new album came out, kind of... ^^"
7/15/2011 04:52:46 pm

Hahahaha that's like something I would do lol

Haleigh Rae
7/27/2011 04:41:42 am

so, im inlove with ronnie <3 lol just thought i'd put that out there. (:


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