According to "PanasonicYouth" of Buzznet, a popular site which I am sure most of you have at least heard of, Falling In Reverse falls in third in his list of  The Worst Album Covers of 2011 .
He writes:
"Ronnie Radke has proven to be a fairly disgusting person over the past five years, rarely lifting himself above the level of a petty, drama-causing high school student on top of continually refusing to be accountable for his actions. Then we get this record cover, a constant theme of metalcore/hardcore bands who want to come off as being dark and hard: the use of white female subjects to represent misery, death, or heartbreak. 

Here is a free tip to all bands ever: STOP DOING THIS. First of all, problematic shit aside…no, I'm going to address that first. So, young girls are only fit to adorn your records in some way to insult or denigrate their femininity? I'm sure that there's not a song on this record that refutes this idea, and I'm sure, knowing your past, that women are either an "addiction" to you or the source of heartbreak. The women in your lyrical narratives have no agency whatsover. 

But let's say we ignore that: how many records from people in your genre have used a motif or trope like this? Most of them, I'd say, so why would you follow that? Is she supposed to represent the loss of innocence? She doesn't even look like she's crying, so why is her make-up smeared?
I'm just annoyed at this point. GO AWAY.

Okay, what? 
It's funny how he can't even stay relevant to he subject through his whole explanation as to why Falling In  Reverse is on this list, let alone in the top three. He didn't even mention the rest of the band, it's pretty much just Ronnie. Something here tells me that this guy didn't bother to do any research on this, or even listen to the album. It was the creative artist team who hired the girl on the cover, did the makeup, took the photograph, all the band did was pick the cover out of a few others.  
And lastly, why did he even bother making such a bullshit list? It's not even about how the cover looks, why don't you listen to the music first and then make your judgments about the cover of their album or what kind of person the lead singer is?  

Why am I even writing about something so stupid.

Well.. at least Lady Gaga was higher on the list than them.
1/11/2012 09:46:12 pm

that was a fail...y would someone even write something so stupid?

1/15/2012 02:11:47 am

Okay wtf? How is it the worst? And NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT TO THEIR COVERS but ronnie which is what he did when he was with escape the fate. He always talks about the rest of the band you dipshit watch his fucking interviews before coming on here talking about Andy Biersack the "emosexual".

11/3/2013 12:07:16 pm

I agree.

3/28/2012 12:11:24 am

Appreciate your information

7/12/2012 02:44:45 am

will come back before long

11/3/2013 12:05:40 pm

Falling in reverse is amazing. Stop hating. What kind of album cover would you do? Yourself with a microphone? How unique! And this is why I hate people like you. Does this album cover effect you? No. Bye! :)


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